How We Work

How We Work

Nursery Admission

How to apply to schools and what happens after you apply

Step 1
01 .

Create an Account

Sign up to and create your account. You can login using Facebook or Google. After login you can go to Dashboard from the top right menu. In the Dashboard fill the "Admission Form" for your child and upload all relevant documents.

Step 2
02 .

Add Schools to Application Cart

Search for schools you want to apply to. Open the page for any school and click "Apply" button to add the school to your cart. You can apply for the 2020-21 session even if admissions are not yet opened by school. We'll process you application and will submit to school as soon as admissions open.

Step 3
03 .

Checkout and Pay

After you are done adding all the schools to the cart, you can click on the cart button on the top right to review the cart. You'll also see the total amount to be paid. Click on "Proceed to checkout" button and make the payment. The registration fee is paid directly to school and we change a nominal fee per school.

Step 4
04 .

Track Applications

You can track the status of your application from the Dashboard -> My Applications menu. You'll see the status of all your application and we'll share the acknowledgement slip (received from school) after the application is submitted.

What We do

What we do for you

After we receive your application we do the following:

  1. Review and verify the correctness of the application
  2. Review the documents required
  3. Ask parents for more information if needed
  4. Get the application forms from schools
  5. Fill and submit the forms to schools with required documentation
  6. Get the acknowledgement slip from school and share with parents
  7. Keep the status updated for each application on the website
Next Steps

Admission Process

After the forms are submitted to the schools our job is done. The schools will directly contact the parents for the admission process which include lottery/draw, school visit, etc.


popular questions

All that you want you to know

How much will it cost me to apply to a school from Schoolato?

We charge fees per school, to submit the forms, which you will get to know during the checkout. We have specifically highlighted it as "Schoolato Charges". The fee keeps on changing so difficult to mention here.

What is the Prospectus and Form Fee

The Prospectus and Form fee is the fees which are charged by the school to submit the admission form and to buy the prospectus. This is the fee which directly goes to the school.

For Delhi, this fee is fixed by the government to Rs. 25 for all schools but for other states, it varies from school to school.

What is the proof that my form is submitted to the school?

After we submit the form to the school, the school will provide us with an acknowledgement slip which has the unique registration number for your child. This number will be used in the draw. We will send you the scanned copy of this slip so that you can track the admission process further.

Can Schoolato ensure me that my child will get admitted in the school I want?

No, we can only help the parents during the admission process i.e. to get their forms submitted to multiple schools. After the form is submitted to school Schoolato has no role in the process that follows. Usually, the school conducts a draw for admission and parent are called directly by the school.

What are Schoolato charges and why are you charging this?

Schoolato charges is the amount we charge from you for the following:

  1. Get the form from the school
  2. Fill the form on your behalf
  3. Verify the documents and form
  4. Submit the form back to the school
What can I do if the school I want to apply to is not listed?

You can contact us on chat or email and let us know the school you want to apply to. If feasible we'll add the school and let you know.

You can even add the school yourself and earn some discount.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discount coupons to the parents who help us in the data collection. You'll be eligible for discounts if:

  1. You add a new school which is not already added and it gets approved.
  2. Review the schools
  3. Provide us with the latest fee structure for a school
  4. Help us correct the incorrect data like form and prospectus fee, contact details, etc.

Please mail us details at [email protected] and we'll send you a promo code for discount.

I am a school administrator and we want to tie up with you

Please contact us on email [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

How reliable is the information on Schoolato

We try very hard to keep the information up-to-date. Still, there might be some discrepancies with the information like fee structure, form fee, etc.

Please let us know on [email protected] if you find any discrepancies

Can I advertise on your site?

Please drop a mail to [email protected] and we'll get in touch.

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